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You or Your Loved Ones Don’t Belong in Jail

We know that, you know that. Let us handle your jail bond, lift your warrants, defend your rights, and get you back to your life.

Jail Bonds & Jail Release

Before Your Jail Bond:

Our attorneys work tirelessly to get you or your loved one out of jail as fast as possible. As you’re reading this, no matter the time of day it may be, our lawyers are waiting to post bonds to get our clients out of jail and back to their lives. The criminal defense attorneys of JailBug are on the clock 24 hours a day, every day of the year, including holidays, to be absolutely certain that you are getting our services at the exact moment you need it. You’ve got enough on your plate, let us handle your jail release.

We guarantee our price as well, meaning that people of all walks of life can have their needs met with JailBug. Should you find a better offer for a bail bond, rest assured it will be matched or even beaten. To additionally calm your mind, we offer a money back guarantee on our jail bonds, meaning that if your bond isn’t posted, we will fully refund all amounts paid for bonds.

After Your Jail Release:

It isn’t worth wasting money on a jail bond, then having to seek another firm’s help for a proper, passionate defense after the jail release. At JailBug, we offer one low rate to get your warrants lifted, get you out of jail, and have professional legal representation at the ready to tackle your cases. Our lawyers will fight to halt further warrants, surcharges, license holds, insurance premium increases and fines, or we will defend you in a full trial to tackle the case from the ground up. In essence, you have nothing to fear with JailBug. Your defense is our business and we take it seriously.

We are ready to help!

Jailbug posts bail bonds and represents clients in the following counties:

  • Denton
  • Kaufman
  • Rockwall
  • Tarrant
  • Dallas
  • Collin
Available 24/7 at 844-UGOFREE
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